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NAR 2022-2023 Accomplishments


With the end of a NAR year comes a time of looking back on all our beautiful accomplishments...

  • Printed 1.5 issues

  • Joined the technological revolution and moved away from hand-lettered, artisan issues 

  • No title IX cases have been brought against us (yet)

  • Attendance went up to an average of 4 people per meeting

  • Readership increased by 4, coincidentally

  • Verbal confirmation on golf cart privileges 

  • Raised $40 during our poetry event :) thank you Josie!

  • Zine Fest.

  • Went to Highland Books. 

  • Launched new website with cutting-edge journalism

  • Might be getting merch (possibly)

  • Tabled next to the Technique and didn’t cry (NAR is Selena, Technique is Haley)

  • Relaunched newsletter 

  • Went to Paper & Clay despite opposition

  • Successfully lured John Jajeh back to a meeting

  • Watched a Wes Anderson that wasn’t the French Dispatch

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