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The resurgence of English indie rock band The 1975 came as no shock to reformed Tumblr users and music lovers alike. Hailing from Manchester, England, The 1975 is known for their gut-wrenching lyrics set to poppy, danceable music. Their fifth and most recent album...


"Dear university students around the world, fasten your seatbelts  for an extraordinary journey into a black hole that will swiftly swallow your dreams after prematurely aging them."


britney move rosary.png

Combining the enticing mysticism of Catholicism with its own beautiful images, social media users (mainly on TikTok and Tumblr) have somehow made religion for the people again by toeing the line between blasphemy and exaltation...


The first thing I saw when I woke up on Monday, the fifteenth day of January,
was a series of messages on my phone from my family. A flurry of gossip erupted in our       text chat, with a vaguely familiar face in t          the local news anchoring the hubbub...


All countries, nations and tribes have religion. They have always had a way to convey the abstract topics of life, the longings, the joys, the celebrations, the feasts, the mournings. The abstract layer of life, the things not seen that are also important.

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