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Which Dictator Are You? The Rom-Com Quiz

a NAR Collaboration

Tell us your favorite rom-com tropes and we’ll tell you what fascist dictator you are! XP

1. Pick a season.
      a) Spring
      b) Summer
      c) Fall
      d) Winter
2. Pick a city.
      a) London
      b) Los Angeles
      c) New York City
      d) Rome
3. Pick your protagonist’s occupation.
      a) Artist
      b) Businesswoman
      c) Magazine editor
      d) Writer
4. What’s your meet-cute?
      a) You both reach for the same book
      b) You nanny for his children
      c) He saved you from being hit by a bus
      d) You were lab partners 
5. Pick a love trope.
      a) Forbidden romance
      b) Enemies to lovers
      c) Love triangle
      d) Friends to lovers
6. Who’s your BFF?
      a) The old lady next door
      b) Your barista
      c) Your cats
      d) You don’t have one
7. Pick an obstacle to keep them apart.
      a) War
      b) Abduction
      c) Moving away
      d) Lying/miscommunication
8. Pick the spot they finally get together.
      a) Airport
      b) Bridge
      c) Rooftop
      d) Train station


Mostly a's


Mostly b's

Mostly c's

Mostly d's




Didn't get a majority? Congrats, you're Mao Zedong!

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