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America a Wonder Wheel

Will Price

Freedom is the big black cloud 

Rolling over your town.

Can you feel the drizzle?

Hear the thunder?

See the lightning?


The storm always looks 

A long way off, 

Like the shoreline 

From the sea,

Or contentment.


When the rain

Comes down in pellets

Like a machine gun

All you think

About is the fair.


Stuffed animals hanging like pigs

In a slaughterhouse, prizes to be won.

The red and white of the tent turns 

More like blood on the kitchen floor

Than peppermint candy. 


The blue-metal ferris wheel

Rusting, grinding, yawning.

The cotton candy cones

Melting into a river.

The lights are off.


That ferris wheel, wonder wheel,

Up and down and around again,

Never forward, never backward,

One continuous cycle.

The unbroken now 


Note* This piece is a "sneak peak" from the currently ureleased Issue 96!

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